A somewhat different philosophy

A somewhat different philosophy

Every contact with our hotel triggers a sense of deep satisfaction – amongst our guests, our staff and our partners. We challenge ourselves daily, to be a role model.


The symbol of our words, thoughts and actions is the oak tree.

The roots represent our ties with the local region.

The powerful trunk is the symbol of our strength in accepting responsibility for the way in which we treat our environment.

The sturdy branches stand for our desire for lifelong learning, our will to ensure the ultimate in quality, and our cooperation with ‘Landidyll’.

In the same way that oak leaves are constantly changing, evolving and rejuvenating, we offer our guests new ideas and infect them with an ever growing sense of fascination.

The roots

We are proud of our origins and are convinced that we are based in the ideal location. Our concern for the specialities and traditions of our region is based on ancient roots. Short-term trends rarely set down roots, but we are nonetheless delighted by the growth of any new roots that help strengthen us.

The trunk

Even the trunk of an oak tree can become hollow and fragile with age, if not nurtured and cared for.

For us this means:

• taking due care of our environment

• considering the ecology in all our fields of behaviour and activity

• bringing together tradition and the spirit of modernity

• viewing humanity as the greatest good

A carefully nurtured and well cared for oak tree cannot be easily cast asunder.

The branches

The branches are the crowning glory of a tree. Our staff are as valuable to us as are the branches to the tree. Encouraging the capacities of the individual to serve the common good is the most essential precondition for shared success. Enjoyment at work is our constant companion. This helps us achieve constant improvement with apparent ease.

Membership of the ‘Landidyll Hotels’ cooperative improves our market opportunities. We recognise the importance of exchanging ideas and experiences with our colleagues. We strive to actively bring about the ‘Landidyll’ vision. Our partners recognise our philosophy. That philosophy guarantees us fair conditions and the highest quality, based on mutual appreciation.

For us, partnership means recognition and profit for all parties.

Our strongest branch is quality assurance! We constantly work to improve our infrastructure. Any comment from our guests, staff and partners is considered seriously. We operate an active policy of quality management and set ourselves new quality targets every year based on the philosophy:

If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.


Oak leaves are constantly renewed, revealing a whole palette of colours. We love this process of evolution, and respond rapidly to changes.

In the same way that leaves dance in the wind, we too experience our highs and lows. They are the expression of our joy of living. We have also come to accept the vagaries of the roughest of storms. We learn from our mistakes and view them as life challenges.

Our actions are determined by generosity, courage and tolerance.

We are proud of our achievements! We recognise the true meaning of bringing people together, and creating experiences that leave a lasting impression that transcends the purely gastronomic.

Now, and in the future, we hope to continue to look upon the ‘fruits of our labours’.

We are happy to accept responsibility!

Theo and Maria Wilmink

and the Parkhotel Team